LED Electric Dancing Cactus

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1. Interesting: This funny electric cactus toy can twist singing and dancing, and imitate you, and bring laughter to family and friends.

2. Different functions: There are two versions of the product. One of them can sing 3 songs, and it will twist its body when singing.

Another is sing 120 songs, which can dance, move, turn around, glow, record and learn to speak, it will twist its body when singing. (Please Purchase according to your own needs)

3. Early education: When singing and dancing, it can attract babies' attention well. This is a small toy used for early education.

4. Powered: This toy has a fluffy appearance, filled with PP cotton, and there is a hidden battery back cover behind the flowerpot. You can use it with batteries, easy to use.

5. Good gift: This product is the best birthday gift for children. Cheerful music and dancing are very suitable for creating a pleasant atmosphere and for hosting parties.


This funny electric cactus toy has different shapes, plus cute and funny expressions, which can decorate your desktop and relieve your stress.


Size: 32cm

Type: Plant

Material: PP cotton

Singing versions: 3 songs, 120 songs (optional)

Battery:3pcs * AA battery(battery not included)

Skills: repetition, singing, dancing (optional)

Type: Charging version, Battery version (optional)

Shape: cowboy hat+scarf, moscow hat+cloak, Hawaiian yellow hat+clothes (optional)

Package Included:

1 pc * Cactus Plush Toy(battery not included)

1 pc * Cactus Plush Toy

1 pc * Charging Cable (optional)

Features Movie & TV
Material Polyester
Filling PP Cotton
Dimensions 32cm

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