Electric Melon Seed Machine

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1. Optical detection, MUC smart anti-pinch design, sensitive switch, large torque motor, long battery life, compact and portable, quick opening of the shell,Android data cable charging, control chip
2. Sensitive switch, and open: convenient for users to use, light feedback, smooth use.
3. High-torque motor: high-efficiency opening of the shell, the large-torque reduction motor cooperates with optical detection to reduce the damage of opening the shell and realize the efficient opening of the shell.
4. Protect your teeth and avoid damage: often eat melon seeds, causing tooth damage, the product will effectively avoid damage and protect teeth.
5. Can distinguish between good and bad seeds: Aflatoxin in bad seeds will affect people's health.
6. All-day battery life, long-term use, automatic fallback, safety protection: MCU intelligent algorithm to prevent accidental injury caused by reaching the finger

7.Small and portable
Product parameters:
Product size: 65x70x72mm
Charging method :Android data cable charging (self-supplied data cable)
Working temperature: 10-45℃
Input: DC5.0V 1.0A (TYP)
Battery energy: 1000mAh (3.7v)
Power: 0.5w

Packing Lists:

Automatic Peeling Machine * 1

USB data cable * 1

Emoji stickers * 3

Fruit & Vegetable Tools Type electric melon seed machine
Name Automatic melon seed sheller
Plastic Type PP
Working temperature 10-45℃
Function Protection of teeth, hygiene
Power 0.5W
Material Plastic
Size 65x70x72mm
Type Fruit & Vegetable Tools
Net Weight 0.2kg
Charging Method USB cable

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