POE Power Supply DC Adapter

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POE Power Supply DC Adapter 24V 0.5A 24W Desktop POE Power Injector
POE Power Supply DC Adapter 24V 0.5A 24W Desktop POE Power Injector
Ethernet Adapter Surveillance CCTV

Compatible with IEE802.3af/at.POE protocol.
Standard PD port power supply priority function.
Forwarding Rate: 10/100BASE-TX:148800 pps/port
Short circuit, over-current, and over-voltage protection
System reliability: MTBF>100k hours
EN55022 and CLASS B standard CE, RE.
Anti-thunder design, bearing positive and passive 5KB,
8/20uS electric shockwave up to 5 times for every minute.
Failure alert function and FUSE.
Input Current: 100V-240V AC, 47-63Hz
Max Input Power:12-24W
Input Stabilivolt Accuracy: -24V DC±2%
Load Adjustment Rate: -24V DC±2%
DC Output Broadband Noise Voltage: 3.4kHz-150kHz≤50m
Operate Environment:
Temperature: -5 to 55℃
Relative Humidity: 5%-9%RH
Ventilate, clean, no conductive dust or corrosive gas.
No danger of explosion
POE Power Protect:
Output overvoltage Protect: -52V~-50V DC
Overcurrent Protect (single circuit): 500Ma-1000Ma
Overvoltage Protect: Input Voltage > 290V-310V AC
Overvoltage Recovery Point: Input Voltage > 240V AC
Undervoltage Protect: Input Voltage < 140V-155V AC
Undervoltage Recovery Point: Input Voltage < 100V AC
Temperature Protect: >100℃
Indicator Light:
Light On: Working
Light Off:
Short circuit or overload protection.
Consumer power is too high.
Consumer breakdown.
Cable short circuit.
1 X POE Power Supply

Output Type AC
Connection Desktop
Usage Monitors

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