800ML Atomizing Disinfection Sprayer

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800ML Atomizing Disinfection Blue Light Nano Steam Gun Hair Spray Machine

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800ML Atomizing Disinfection Blue Light Nano Steam Gun Hair Spray Machine
Ultra Fine Aerosol Water Mist Trigger Sprayer Cocina

·Wireless and portable: This fog machine is lighter and quieter than other large spray machines.
Equipped with built-in battery and 6 strong light particles, it can be disinfected conveniently 
and effectively assists the sterilization function. 
The conventional design of temperature atomization is safer than high temperature atomization
·Large capacity: The large container design can sterilize a larger area at one time
·Rechargeable design: wireless electric smoke gun powered by 4800mAh lithium battery
Charging for 3 hours, continuous working time up to 2 hours.
·Adjustable intensity: The disinfection atomizer can adjust the spray volume in 
one gear and two gears through the key switch. 
Meet the needs of spray disinfection in different situations.
· Wide range of uses: In addition to disinfection and deodorization in homes, 
schools, companies, transportation and other places, 
it can also add other liquids to the spray bottle of garden plants; in addition, 
it can also be used in salons to effectively moisturize and care for hair
Water capacity: 800ml
Charging time: 3 hours
Working time: 2 hours
Package Included:

Sprayer Type Pump
Water capacity: 800ml

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