ZigBee Smart Door Window Sensor

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The smart door sensor adopts ultra-low power Zigbee wireless technology,with low power consumption

high security,interconnection and other characteristic.

The door or window switch state is sensed by the proximity and separation of the sensor and magnet.
Dual sensor design makes installation more flexible and adaptable.


When the gateway is in the armed state and the magnet is separated from the sensor
the sensor sends an alarm signal to the smart gateway .
The smart gateway will send the alarm signal to mobile phone immediately though cloud server.

Easy to install(Stick on wall)
Much more convenient than wall-mounted type, just stick on wall with 3M tape, easy and quick.
Low power consumption
Battery standy as long as 2 years
The Smart Door/window Sensor should work with HEIMAN Gateway Hub

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Detection Distance <=15mm
Networking Mode Zigbee
Detector Dimension 72*21*26mm
Magnet Dimension 35-11*13mm
Working humidity <=95%
Operating Voltage DC3V
Wireless Networking Distance <=100m
Working environment -10 degree~+50 degre

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