Zigbee Smart Water Leakage Sensor

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Product description
Smart water leakage sensor, suitable for places where water may leak. When the water leaks
it will trigger the detection sensor and send a water leak notification to the gateway.

Smart water leakage sensor, adopts Zigbee(HA1.2) wireless module.

Super low power consumption circuit design,makes long battery lifespan.

Separate design of body and sensor, efficiently prevent the influence resulted from high humidity.

High precision and sensitivity, applicable for basement, machine room. hotel, water tower, pool.

swimming pool, solar, kitchen bathroom and other places may have water leakage or water overflow.

Connection Method Zigbee HA1.2
Features Prevent water leakage
Features2 Detection of water level
Alarm current ≤35mA
can be use on Smart home/Smart house
Working humidity max 95%RH
Static Current ≤5uA
Body dimension 76 * 36.6 * 16.5 mm
Networking Zigbee Ad-hoc Networking (HA1.2)
Sensor dimension 28.3 * 26.5 * 12.2 mm
Detector Connection line length 120 mm
Wireless Networking Distance ≤70m(in the open area)
Type Smart Water Leakage Sensor
Working Voltage DC3V(2*AAA Battery)
Working environment -10℃ ~ +50℃

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