Alarm Compound Gas Analyzer

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Gas Detector CO Monitor Carbon Monoxide Detector Color LCD Digital Sound Light Vibration Data Record


Carbon Monoxide Monitor adopts high-quality gas sensors, 
which displays safety and reliability with accurate measurement  and stable performance.
It has excellent sensitivity  and repeatability, easy to use and maintain,
and  meets the requirements by safety monitoring in industrial  
site for high reliability of the equipment. The shell is made
of high-strength engineering plastics and compound nonslip  rubber,
dust and explosion-proof, with high strength  and smooth handfeel.
This indstrument conforms with the following procedures  and calibration standards:
Gb3836.1—2010 Explosive Atmospheres Part 1: General
Requirements for Equipment.
GB3836.4—2010 Explosive Atmospheres Part 4:
Equipment with Intrinsically Safe “i” Protection.
JJG915-2008 Verification Procedures for Carbon  Monoxide Detection Alarm.
Scope of application:
Carbon Monoxide Monitor is widely used in petroleum,
 chemical, environmental protection, metallurgy, refining, 
gas transmission and distribution, biochemical medicine,
agricultural research, etc.
1.Color-screen display, user-friendly interface.
2.Bilingual choices:Chinese/English.
3.Three alarm forms:sound/light/vibration .
4.Data recording and review function,
continuously  record 120,000 data.Charging function
Product accessories list:
Compound Gas Monitor*1
Packing box*1
With LCD Screen Or Not Yes
Gas Type CO

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