Alarm Compound Gas A..

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Introduction:Carbon Monoxide Monitor adopts high-quality gas sensors, which displays safety and reliability with accurate measurement  and stable performance. It has excellent sensitivi..

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Tuya WiFi GAS LPG Le..

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Combustible GAS DetectorThis gas detector used for the natural gas field, which can do the security detecting and alarming for the burningexploding, poisoning caused by naturals gas leaking. And the d..

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Carbon Monoxide Dete..


Note:white means 1PCblack means 2PCSgreen means 3PCSHigh Reliability NEMOTE Catalytic sensor, Detects Natual Gas, LPG, Coal Gas ,Combustible Gases.Power Supply From AC 9V-240V or 9V backup Rechargeabl..

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Carbon Monoxide Dete..


Operating voltage:DC3V(2*1.5V AA)Sensor:FIGARO electrochemical sensorBattery life:3 yearsAlarm level:30PPM,alarm after 120 mins;50PPM,alarm in 60-90 mins,100PPMalarm in 10-40mins;300PPM,alarm in 3mins..

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Combustible gas leak..

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Product introductionThis Smart Combustible Gas Sensor adopts super low power consumption Zigbee HA1.2 wireless networking technology. It is used for detecting combustible gas leakage and preventing ha..


Gas Leak Sensor Moni..

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Gas leakage sensor d..

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High Sensitive CO Se..


Key Features:1.Unique design suitable for two way Placement,both wall mounting and Standing is available,much more convenient.2.Powered 2*AA battery, mains 3 year battery life in normal standby workin..

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Mini Carbon monoxide..


Carbon monoxide(CO) gasCarbon monoxide (CO) gas is a colorless, odorless, non-irritating, toxic gas. The average person can't detect themselves when they are accidentally poisoned. If they inhale too..


Oxygen O2 Detector L..

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Description:This Oxygen (O2) detector can detect the oxygen content of 0~25% VOL (the unit of volume size).It is applicable for the following situation:- Oxygen content detecting in office and ot..

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PA-210W WiFi Gas Det..

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Text messaging Real-time control . more safe and reliable !The harm of Gas leakageWhat is natural gas? The base of natural gas is methane(CH4)the simplest hydrocarbon(organic com-pound consisting of ..


Portable Gas Analyze..

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Features:<< Portable design: Compact size, light weight, very convenient to carry and operate.<< Clear reading: Large LCD display, back light design allows you high readability.<< ° ..


Portable Gas Detecto..

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Product Description:Product Name: portable single gas detectorColor: black and yellowType: PortableShell material: ABSGuidance: LCD screen displays real-time dataDisplay: temperature, time, detection ..


Portable Oxygen Dete..

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Features:1.This oxygen detector is widely used in industry and can be found in locations to monitor manufacture processes and emerging technologies.2. With a large screen display the measured r..


Sensor Security Pois..

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Two universal AA batteries work, no wiring, and can be installed corresponding to gas.Unique low power consumption design, low power reminder function.LED display, when the concentration of carbon mon..

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Smart Combustible Ga..


FeaturesHS3CG Smart Gas Sensor is a wonderful smart device for your home security,it powered all the function that traditional detector has.Can detect combustible natural gas once it exceed the concen..


Smart WIFI Gas Leak ..

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Wireless CO Gas Sens..

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Detailed Information:1. Power supply: 9V battery 6F22 battery power supply2. Standby current: less than 50uA3. Alarm concentration4. Alarm current: less than 50 milliampere5. Sensor: adopt innovative ..


Xiaomi 352 M30 Gas D..

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Basic Parameters Product model: M30 Net weight: 80g (without battery) Product size: 85×24mm Screen size: 55mm Wireless network: Bluetooth 5.0 Battery type: No. 5 dry battery × 1(not include) CM..

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Z wave Door Window S..

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Product description:This is a smart door sensor , adopts super low power Zwave wireless networking technology, makes a longer battery life-span.Can feel open or close state of the door or window throu..